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  • FMP’s Statement on the murder of a senior Kashmir journalist

    June 14, 2018
         The Foundation for Media Professionals condemns the murder of editor S…

  • FMP statement on the aftermath of the Tuticorin firing

    June 10, 2018
    The filing of an FIR under non-bailable provisions by the Tamil Nadu police against Tamil …

  • Statement on the escalating threats to media freedom

    May 28, 2018
    Mr Narendra Modi is perhaps the first Prime Minister of India to have not held a single pr…

  • FMP's Statement on Fake News

    February 15, 2018
    The Foundation for Media Professionals (FMP) cautions members of the public in India that …

  • Statement from the Foundation for Media Professionals on the arrest of…

    November 06, 2017
    The Foundation for Media Professionals condemns the arrest in Chennai of cartoonist G Bala…

  • FMP's statement on the Rajasthan gag law

    October 23, 2017
    The Rajasthan ordinance prescribing a six-month embargo on the media from publis…

  • Why My Paper Had a Blank Editorial

    November 19, 2015
    Three Nagaland newspapers responded with blank editorials to the Assam Rifles directive to…

  • 'Press Council Should Regulate TV and Internet News Too'

    November 17, 2015
    The Press Council of India was best suited to regulate news standards on television and th…