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    1. October 19 2017
    2. Is Media Being Made Irrelevant by the Political Class?

    3. You are cordially invited to the Foundation's first ever panel discussion in Chennai on 22 October, 2017 organized in association with The Lede on 22 October, 2017 at Asian College of Journalism, Taramani from 3 pm to 6pm

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    1. October 11 2017
    2. TV News Channels Spreading Hate and Inciting Violence Must be Punished

    3. Most Indian TV news channels are not only propagandist, moving editorially in lockstep with the government, they have become dangerous to society as they are inciting violence and mongering hate speech. 

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    1. October 11 2017
    2. Don't news channels generate more sound than light?

    3. This is the 33rd event in FMP's Media Dialogue series. FMP was set up in 2008 with the twin objects of promoting quality journalism and protecting media freedom. FMP recently opened its Chennai and Northeast chapters. 

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    1. September 05 2017
    2. FMP Condemns Killing of Editor Gauri Lankesh. Demands That the Karnataka Govt Swifty Nab the Hitmen, Suspects Hindutva Radicals

    3. Gauri Lankesh, editor of Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada anti-establishment weekly opposed to communal politics in general and Hindutva in particular, was shot dead at her house in Bengaluru on 5 September. 

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    1. September 04 2017
    2. By Not Upgrading the Science Syllabus to CBSE Standards, Tamil Nadu Failed Anitha

    3. Despite scoring 98 percent marks in Tamil Nadu's 12th standard examination, Anitha S. failed to qualify for a seat in a medical college as she secured only 12 percent marks in NEET, the nationwide entrance examination. If Tamil Nadu had upgraded its science syllabus after being put on notice by the courts five years ago, the hardworking Dalit girl would have stood a better chance of fulfilling her dreams, and a life would have been saved, write Sandhya Ravishankar from Chennai. 

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    1. October 14 2015
    2. Bring Corporates Under Right to Information: Gopal Krishna Gandhi

    3. Lecture given by Gopal Krishna Gandhi at event to mark the tenth anniversary of the Right to Information Act. The event was organized by National Campaign for People's Right to Information and the Foundation for Media Professionals. The venue was Lady Irwin College, Delhi. 

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    1. June 16 2015
    2. Telcos can Choke Websites Without Net Neutrality

    3. Telecom companies must be dumb conveyors of content. Allowing them to be tollgate operators on the Internet highway would put freedom of speech at risk.  

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    1. June 06 2015
    2. The IndiaSpend Health and Sanitation Fellowships 2015

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    1. January 06 2015
    2. Drop or Stoutly Revise Sec 66 of Information Technology Act

    3. This is a summary of the consultation with the Law Commission on regulation of online media, on 6th January 2015 from 10.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m:

       Law Commission members present: Justice (retd) Usha Mehra, Justice (retd) S N Kapoor, Mr P K Malhotra, Dr S S Chahar, Dr Yogesh Tyagi and Dr B N Mani. Justice (retd) A P Shah was in the chair. 

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    1. January 08 2015
    2. Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

    3. This is how cartoonists around the world expressed their outrage at the assassination of their French peers by Muslim terrorists 

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    1. January 07 2015
    2. Consultation with Law Commission

    3. The Foundation for Media Professionals is organising a consultation with the Law Commission on regulation of online media. This is on Wednesday, 7th January at its offices on the 14th floor of Hindustan Times House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi. This is the second consultation. The previous one was in November, 2014. You will find reports of that consultation elsewhere in this section. 

      Participation in the consultation on 7th January is by invitation only. 

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    1. August 19 2014
    2. Big Business in Media: Do New Media Offer Independent Journalists An Escape Chute?

    3. By Vivian Fernandes

      Can Indian journalism's falling standards and ethical compromises be cured by keeping political parties, religious entities and diversified corporate groups out of news media?  Do new media offer an alternative to independent journalists who are entrepreneurially inclined?

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