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Business Standard Lunches With Manoj Mitta

April 05, 2014

It is rare for a newspaper for invite a journalist employed with another newspaper for conversation over lunch. The Business Standard's Kanika Datta did that with Times of India's (and FMP co-founder's) Manoj Mitta. It was an inquiry into his book, The Fiction of Fact-finding, Modi and Godhra. Mitta says he could 'feel the tension and fear in the air,' when he met activists, lawyers and victims of the 2002 riots in Gujarat. 'They were fighting for justice in a hostile environment, which is why the Supreme Court shifted some of the cases outside the state and the ones being heard in Gujarat were provided security by the central forces. If the Supreme Court had to go that far, it's a reflection of the level of intimidation on the ground.' To access that conversation please Google 'Lunch with Manoj Mitta' and 'Business Standard'. Incidentally, the title of the conversation is 'Inconvenient Truths,' which was also the title of former US Vice-President Al Gore's book on a looming environment catastrophe to which Narendra Modi wrote a 'rejoinder' called 'Convenient Action!' 

We seek convenient action from you. Manoj will speak at the Press Club of India at 3.30 pm on Saturday, 5 April. You are warmly invited. Feel free to bring others along. (The sketch alongside is that of Business Standard)

Debate on Book Withdrawal

March 08, 2014

On the 12th of February 2014, Penguin Books India reached an 'amicable settlement' with a right-wing group to 'withdraw and recall all copies from India,' of the book, 'About Hinduism:An Alternative History.' The book was written by US author Wendy Doniger. The group that forced the recall is Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti, headed by Dinanath Batra. Batra had filed a suit in a Delhi court saying the book denigrates Hinduism. Should Penguin have given in without a fight? 

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